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Who we are:

CWT Consultant is an extremely agile firm with over 25 years experience in the Building and Mining Industries. We offer expertise in Structural issues and specialize in retrofitting existing buildings and facilities and maximizing the potential of underutilized or vacant lands. We have experience in construction of LEED facilities for the Canadian Government. No project is too complicated or too small and we cover all areas of new construction. We offer comprehensive and a la carte services related to new, maintenance and retrofit projects including: Project Definition, Assessment and Management, Structural Design, Inspection and Due Diligence Reporting on Existing Buildings, R&D, Claim and Insurance Reports, Maintenance Planning, Life Cycle Assessment and LEED Program Reporting and Design. Our expertise covers various areas including but not limited to; Residential, Multi-residential, Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Foundations and specialty work in Underpinning, Tunnels, Equipment Platforms and Towers.

Why hire us: 

CWT Consultant's Mission is to ensure that projects are well defined and executed in the most efficient and least costly manner possible using the LEED criteria for New Construction whenever desired or feasible.             

"We understand and take to heart your problems"

We do not consider the projects we take on lightly. We look at the needs and objectives of the assignment from the owner's point of view to ensure we meet the criteria for success that we establish when we meet with you to define our role. In this way we look to develop a partnership with you for success and a lasting relationship for growth.


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